Contrôle de l'efficacité du filtre Breveté Ai

Test-Report No.: 2561702-1 Date: 20-09-2017 ImpulsePeak Insertion loss (IPIL) (Partial test) Page3of 6 _______________________________________________________________________________________ VII. Testingenvironment The climatic conditions in acc. were continuously controlled during the approval test. Temperature: 22  5 °C Humidity: < 85% VIII. General notes This document may not be reproduced other than in full. For a partial reproduction you need the prior written approval of "PZTGmbH". IX. Abbreviations P requirement fulfilled F requirement not fulfilled N/A requirement not relevant U for result see test report from third-party laboratory N None / Optional X. Additional informationabout thedevice under test: -- Content item Requirement page ImpulsePeak InsertionLoss IPIL 4